Det surrealistiske jordbrukssamfunnet inntar Nygårdshøyden.

Argentinske JAZ ble invitert av Bergen Street Art, med støtte fra Bergen kommune. Her er hva BSA selv sier:

Why Jaz?
The main reason to invite Jaz was to give young artists interested in street art a view of someone making art this way.

He uses brushes and acrylic paint. Black, white, red, blue and yellow. The basics. His hand skill direct to the wall. He's not using a fancy hydraulic lift, just two painting poles taped together to give him the height to paint his big piece. 

Just to see that street art can be this, too. Inspire some people.

The wall was at our suggestion. When you are looking at the centre of town... This a good wall for an art form that has still not been full excepted. I think, a good amount of people will see it and love it. A good start!

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