Nuart 2012


Den ambisiøse og svært internasjonalt anlagte gatekunstfestivalen NuArt finner sted i Stavanger denne måneden. I den anledning har de ikke bare laget en promofilm (som du kan se over), men også satt sammen en gratis konferanse kalt kalt "Nuart Plus". Det er ikke så mye om dette på nettet ennå, men her sakser vi fra invitasjonen:

NUART PLUS is a dynamic three-day international summit on Street Art. Between 27-29 September, Nuart Plus will be host to some of the worlds leading names associated with the current revolution in how artists are engaging with the public space.

Featuring a mix of keynotes, panels, case studies, films, workshops, presentations and tours, Nuart PLUS is aimed at elaborating a cohesive view of the current trends within this ground breaking artistic medium and proposing visions for the future.

Nuart Plus will address a wide range of issues concerning street art and the space it occupies in society. The mental, physical and the virtual.

Day 1 Mental Space: will investigate the relationship between street art, the urban environment and advertising. For decades street artists have not only co-opted the visual strategies of advertising but also the physical billboards that advertisers use. Day 1 explores the corporate visual elements that surround us, how do they affect the way we engage and behave in society, what are street artists contributing to this arena?

Day 2 Physical Space: will tackle the complex relationship between Street Art, Urban Planning and our physical environment. Street Art and Graffiti now plays a prominent role in the cultural landscape and consciousness of a city. Can it and should it be assimilated. In other words, how can street art play a role in producing the city and society we wish to live in?

Day 3 Virtual Space: will explore Street Art’s life on the web by exploring the grow- ing relationship between the street, the artist and the Internet. With rapid photo and film uploading sites, dedicated street art forums, social media sites, blogs, mobile apps and other sharing platforms, Street art and its life on the Internet is now a multi-authored environment. Can we see specific changes in art practices and ex- pressions due to this?

Guests and Keynote speakers include
Carlo McCormick (US) - Tristan Manco (UK) / Ron English (US) / Saber (US) Jordan Seiler (US) / Jon Burgerman (UK) / The Wa (FR) / RJ Rushmore (US) Evan Pricco (US) / Kristi Guldberg (NO) / Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen (NO)

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