Avskjedsintervju med JohnXC

Gatekunstneren JohnXC pensjonerer aliaset sitt, og er på vei mot en annen type uttrykk. Vi fikk stille ham noen spørsmål om hva han har gjort, om han er fornøyd, og hvor han er på vei.

Why is it over for JohnXC?
– There are several reasons not to maintain the name. As you know, it was never my objective to have a ”known” name, but the outcome has been positive. Being known has opened up for a wider involvement and to come in touch with some of the other street artists in Bergen. It has also given me the opportunity to encourage some of our younger artists out there, which I think is very important and positive. The things I have become involved with through being johnxc will not be affected by the loss of the name. The name has gained a public face, and it seems strange to me to stand behind a mask that is no longer there. I might as well be me. I will do some murals in the style of johnxc, but as myself.

– I have also come to feel bored of the work I have been doing. It lacks progression. I mean, how many more drippy portraits should I make? I’ve made over 300 of these puppies in the last two years. I’m not the type of artist who starts working in one style and then churns it out forever. For me that lacks a certain dare or creative adventure. One needs to be brave and always look to fail. johnxc has become too easy for me.

Will you continue making art?
– The work I am going to start making this coming spring I could not have done as johnxc. The fact is that there are things I never could get away with making under that name. johnxc is limited, and I wish to return to the unknown. Anonymous means, “without any name acknowledged”. At least for a time I wish to return to this state. I imagine that this anonymous state will change the longer this project runs. Since the new project has 'name' and because I have some idea of the eventual direction I see this work taking, the 'name' will become known. I do like the idea that this new character is out there, but if you do come across it you will not know it as “mine”.

In what direction are you heading artistically?
I can’t say anything about what we are coming to do. I can say that where I would like to go and what I feel I would like to do next does not make any true sense as the character johnxc. The ideas I have are of a different personality and a different system of working. The new cycle of work demands a new actor – or maybe actors. What I’m saying may not make any logical sense, but then all sense is not logical.

Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished with JohnXC?
– I am very happy about the work under the name of johnxc. I am very grateful to a whole group of people. What have pleased the most are the relationships I have gained, the stories people have given to me during this period. I am content that the people around me have found value in the art I have been making. This is a rare and rich reward.

All the best to you.
– See you in the next life. Hehe ;)

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